Taking Horseback Riding Lessons Together

There are people all across the globe willing to enjoy the sight of horses without ever having an urge to ride them. They may be terrified of an animal much larger, or they could believe falling off and getting hurt is a given. When this person has a persuasive friend or cousin looking for someone to take riding lessons with them, they may just give in. Horseback riding together could turn out to be a wonderful way to have some fun and learn new skills.

Hesitant students are nothing new in any area of education, so those teaching lessons are often prepared. They will do their best to ease the fears of their students, and they may have a few helpful tips to get them ready for what is to come. The cousin may be gung-ho on getting on that horse, but even they will need to learn a few things before it is time to ride.

Riding a horse is about staying on it, and many beginners find they must first learn how to slip and halter on. This is easy if the horse is cooperative. Saddling comes next, and learning that the horse can puff up its stomach to make the girth go loose and the saddle slip is another wonderful lesson. Each student must master these two skills before they are ready to ride, and it can be a hilarious undertaking for even the most ardent student.

Getting up on a horse is relatively easy because most stables have steps for the student to use. Taking off at the speed of a slow walk is the first uncomfortable step, and students will be working for at least a few lessons before the trainer is ready to let them get past a fast walk. It may be that neither cousin is willing to continue lessons, but they might also find both enjoy it as a lifelong hobby.